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The ensemble

Always more than a concert

Musica Ficta, based in Copenhagen, is a professional vocal ensemble, founded in 1996 by the composer and conductor Bo Holten. With this group he has realised his vision of a highly flexible ensemble, where the classical Oxbridge early music ideal is combined with the warmth of the Scandinavian choral sound.

The ensemble works exclusively on thematic projects, based on the idea that the musical experience is enhanced by letting historical, literary or philosophical perspectives play an active role in programming, as well as in the spoken introductions during the concerts. This starting point has resulted in a series of musical events where location, texts, illustrations and narration has combined to give the audience a deeper understanding and experience of an epoch, an artist/composer or a musical genre.

During the last five years the ensemble and Bo Holten have dedicated them selves to the genre of Italian madrigals from the late renaissance and especially to the music of the extreme Italian composer Carlo Gesualdo (1566-1613). In 2016 the ensemble lunched a three years’ project on embellishments and improvisation in the genre of madrigals trying to explore the possibilities of this music. All our experiences will of course and are already included in our performance of the music from this central era of European culture.

Musica Ficta is also specialised in vocal music of the big Danish composers from the romantic era and forth. This tradition of Danish songs is the heartbeat of Danish culture and Musica Ficta represents this tradition with deepest dedication and skill.