Medieval Music in Denmark

dacapo 8.224133 · 1999


Musica Ficta

Malene Nordtorp, Aino Lund Lavoipierre, Marianne G. Nielsen – sopraner
Helen Rossil, Birte Stokkebæk, Rie Koch – alter
John Kjøller, Ole Hedegaard, Sune Hjerrild – tenorer
Ole Norup, Hans-Henrik Raaholt, Torben Eskildsen, Anders Holte – basser

Bo Holten, dirigent
Jesper Jørgensen, producer & teknik
Indspillet i Kastelskirken den 18, 28-29 januar 1999 og i St. Heddinge Kirke den 26 juli 1999

Only little medieval music has survived in Denmark. And all of it is represented on this recording. It could be argued that the value of the existing pieces is emphasized by their rarity, but actually this music deserves to be enjoyed in its own right, as well as being an intriguing historical experience.
The music ranges from the earliest known – regrettably unflattering – mention of Danes in music in the 900th century to Danish songs from the 1500th century. It includes the 13th century Parisian polyophony found in a remarkably Danish source and Danish versions of songs from the international repertory, and thus illustrates both Danish contribution to European music and the musical contacts that Denmark enjoyed with the rest of Europe in the Middle Ages.