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Lagrime di San Pietro

01/04/20 - kl 19:30

Trinitatis Kirke, Pilestræde 67, Kbh.

Saint Peter’s Tears is a cycle of 20 madrigals and a concluding motet by the late Renaissance composer Orlandus Lassus. Written in 1594 for seven voices, it is structured as three sequences of seven compositions. The Lagrime was to be Lassus’ last composition: he dedicated it to Pope Clement VIII on May 24, 1594, three weeks before his death, and it was published in Munich the next year.

Performed by Musica Fictas seven soloists and Bo Holten


Christine Nonbo Andersen Ann-Christin Wesser Ingels Eva Wöllinger-Bengtsson Josef Hamber Lauritz Jakob Thomsen