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Lauritz Jakob Thomsen


Lauritz Jakob Thomsen has studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music since 2012 where he is taught by Marianne Rørholm and Christen Stubbe Teglbjerg.

Lauritz got interested in music at an early age, starting as a singer in the Copenhagen Boys’ Choir.
The young baryton has by now completed several soloist parts at concerts, oratorios, making his début as opera singer at Polyhymnia’s staging of Frk. Nitouche.

Besides his studies, Lauritz works as a cantor in Copenhagen Cathedral and in the Danish Royal Kantori, as a chorister as well as soloist. His musicality and extensive repertoire makes him an exquisite ensemble singer. In Musica Ficta he performs solos in all kinds of music from Lassus to Laub.

Before his studies at the music academy, he acted out his talents at The Danish National School of Performing Arts, but he chose to follow a career in music.

In 2013 Lauritz received a scholarship from Copenhagen Boys’ choir and in May 2015 he was accepted in The Danish National Concert Choir.