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Tobias Aabye Dam


Tobias Aabye Dam’s musical interests spreads all the way from electronic music to indie rock and to classical music such as Palestrina to Pärt.

His musical interest started at the age of six when he was first handed a violin. Later his interest changed, and he took up classical singing instead which led him to become a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Throughout the years, Tobias has performed as a soloist in cantatas and oratorios. Today, his is especially passionate about early music from the renaissance and baroque, and his understanding of musical interaction and interplay makes him a highly qualified ensemble singer.

Tobias frequently works as a singer for musical projects in Copenhagen such as the madrigalist in Bo Holten’s opera ‘Gesualdo Shadows’ at the Royal Theatre.

Additionally, Tobias is engaged in the entrepreneurial environment in Copenhagen as he runs his own business ‘VOLT’ that delivers charging facilities for music festivals all over Europe.